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SAAB 900s rebuild

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Hiya, I currently have a SAAB 900s convertible I obtained last year and I have a few issues that I need to sort out and I am looking for guidance and want to share my journey

the roof is leaking and has now stopped coming down

the radio doesn't currently work ( I can fix this)

The biting point feels too low? Anyone else have this issue, I had the clutch replaced last year too.

I want to replace the rims with a newer SAAB alloys from a 9-5 is this possible? Are they compatible?

the car has only done 73,000 miles and I love it. however, I am a car novice and looking for some help?

all the best,


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You don't mention what year this is, but the first thing to do would be to find and download a copy of the Saab WIS. This is the program the Saab mechanics all used when Saab was still in business. Make sure you get the download - the online version is not as complete. Your top, I believe, is electric. I'm no expert on those, but I think you'll need to have a Tech II to diagnose it, or take it to someone who has one. Good luck with your projects!

John Francis
Rolla, MO
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