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Have just registered with the forum. I have owned 5 Sabs with my current model being a 1998 Saab 9000 Aero HO with Stage 4 MapTun, suspension, sports brake kit. It's a screamer with around 138,000km (I am responsible for 132,000 kms) and simply love this car to bitsjava script:void(0). Outside of the 9-3 Viggen, probably the last tru sports sedan produced by Saab!

The level of modification to my car also includes an Abbott Racing 2.5" stainles steel exhaust system from the downpipe back. The only cold air intake mod performed is a K&N Sports airfilter utilising the standard air box system.

I am interested to extract further performace gainsjava script:void(0) and believe these can be gained fairly easily by further mods to the air intake system and maybe also to the downpipe.

I would appreciate any feedback from members regarding their experiences and wisdom regarding practical, value add mods to air intake system. For example; large intake pipe from intercooler to throttle body, replacing air box with cone filter with adaptor pipe.

Also wondering about the merits of increasing the size of the downpipe from 2.5" to 3" and adapting this to the existing 2.5" free flow cat and exhaust system. Or should I go 3" all the way.

Would appreciate any useful advice.

Thanks in Advancejava script:void(0)


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welcome smsaero...

sounds a nice car !!

unfortunately you are in the areas of diminishing returns
the gains you will get are small and usually change the character of the power delivery

A 3" full system will improve spool up
A cone filter/holes in the airbox will improve flow for better hp at the expense of torque
A big i/c to throttle body will improve response a bit

I ran 2.5 system for a long time and the bigest improvement was the free flow downpipe (a relatively expensive mod )but I ran this with my 2.5" system and altho had only 285 hp it was putting out 317 ft lbs of really flew
I modded the airbox as well (atacked ot with a 25 mm flap drill)

there is a wealth of stuff on here I would take some time to read them
also I added a 2 stage mbc from turbo smart ..a good oz firm
The auto-speed site is a veritable wealth of mods and advice

good luck !!
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