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Hi everyone,

Saab 9-5 1.9 Tid (150k miles)
Mapped, DPF, EGR delete and blanked for the last 80k miles
No EMLs.
Cleaned MAP sensor
Cleaned MAF
New Throttle Body
Checked all boost pipes etc
Lower charge hose has a little oil in it...a couple of teaspoons maybe. Failing seal in turbo?

So, back to driving now after our enforced lay up and the car just doesn’t feel right. TBH it hasn’t for a while.
I get a little puff of blue smoke in the morning on start up but it feels really strained through the gears. I can red line it just about but sounds really agricultural and not as smooth as it used to be.

On Wide Open Throttle there is no smoke out the back. I have had the Turbo off 2 years ago, for another little issue and my garage said it was good but still had the symptons then. I have had a poke around myself and there is no play in it. So I am thinking valve stem seals or maybe turbo, though unsure really.

So, would be grateful for some help in how to track down my issue.



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Just an idea but the slight puff of smoke on start up is usually one of three things.
1. Worn turbo seal/shaft.
2. Worn valve seals allowing tiny amount of oil to gather on top of pistons when car is left for a while.
3. Glow plugs not reaching correct temperature pre start up leading to incomplete combustion of fuel when engine is cold.
Having said this, the above would not really cause poor running as you describe.

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Couple of teaspoon of oil or light misting in lower intercooler hose is somewhat normal .
Are you sure it's blue smoke ?
Dose the car start with no truble even when a bit cold outside?
Coukd be injectors .
Could be a lot of stuff
You have seemed to of done all the stuff I would suggest
What kind of code reader have you ?
If it's cheap then it may not be giving you full acess
I would suggest getting some live data readouts
Because you know it don't feel right and you know when it's not happy so that in my mind is the Aera to start in
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