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Hello, just an update and still need advice/help please.


Randomly starts but more frequently now doesn't. I'm no mechanic. From researching online/youtube am guessing the fault is electrical. I put the key in turn to the the on position it makes a der-do-dum sound (like some sort of start up check routine - it always does this sound whether starting is success or fail) - FAIL - instrument panel stays off. START - instrument panel lights up. even on the fail sequence the engine will start but quickly cuts - so it feels like is some lose connection or possibly some safety sequence/contact not working properly. When it does fail to start the front radiator fan kicks in also and runs for a few minutes. Could it be an oil pressure switch ? i've made video link of the issue. hope someone can help/advise please.

also can anyone recommend a good diagnostics tool to use.

I bought a 2nd hand ignition switch, also a starter relay problem still the same. can't guarantee the replacement switch is 100% working but ebay seller said was tested and working. Also i've taken apart the key barrel, cleaned the spring loaded pin also stretched the bigger spring on end of barrel.

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