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This list contains the User changeable SID Options and the TechII Options that the dealer has to programme. If there is any info missing, please contribute to this topic

9-3 SS Programming Options / TECH-II & SID Profiler

SID Profiler Adjustments (User Programmable)

* Rain Sensor:
  Desc.: Rain Sensor Sensitivity of Rain Sensor can be adjusted

    Rain Sensor High:   The wipers will operate when there is a small amount of
                        rain on windscreen.
    Rain Sensor Medium: Default Setting of Rain Sensor
    Rain Sensor Low:    Wipers will operate when there is a greater amount of
                        rain on the windscreen as compared to High & Medium

* Theft Alarm:
  Desc.: Theft Alarm Settings/Trigger settings

    Full Theft Alarm: Default Setting Provides full theft alarm security.
                      including Interior Movement, Vehicle Tilt,
                      Door/Bonnet/Boot opening detection.
    Door Alarm Only:  Enables customer to select Door Alarm activation only
                      when pet is in the vehicle, vehicle transported on a
                      ferry, or during adverse weather conditions which may
                      trigger alarm..

* Climate Control:

  - Rear Defroster
      Auto:   Default Setting that provides automatic selection of Rear Window
              and Door Mirror demist, based on ambient temperature.
      Manual: To activate Defroster, Driver will need to press the Rear Window
              Defrost Button

  - Heated Seats
      Auto:   Seat Heating will be switched on automatically when the ambient
              temperature is below 15o c and the seat temperature is below
              20° c (defaults to temperature level 2, driver can adjust to
              level 1or 3 which will be saved)
      Manual: Default Setting. The Driver presses the Seat Heating switch and
              adjusts the seat heating to the required Temperature Setting
              3= approx 56° C      Setting 2 = 46°C      Setting 1= 39°C

  - Fan Setting High Speed
      Medium Speed: Default Setting ACC will adjust the fan speed according
                    to the conditions.
      Low Speed:    ACC will adjust the Fan Speed according to the conditions,
                    however, Fan speed will be slightly lower than if fan speed
                    High or Medium was selected.
      High Speed:   ACC will adjust the fan speed according to the conditions
                    however, this setting will provide the driver with slightly
                    higher fan speeds than Medium & Low

  - Air Distribution Auto
      Auto :  Default Setting. Automatically directs the Air Outlet to the
              Windscreen, Air Vents Face or Floor dependant on ambient
              temperature and setting.
      Manual: Provides the Driver with the option of selecting the appropriate
              Air Outlet

   - AC Mode Auto
       AC Auto: Default Setting Automatic engagement and disengagement of
                Air Conditioning Compressor.
       AC Off:  Turns the Air Conditioning Compressor off to save Fuel.
                In this mode no cooling or dehumidifying is available and the
                windscreen may fog up. Pressing the Auto or AC button (above 5°C)
                will reactivate compressor. However, the AC compressor will be
                remain off the next time the vehicle is started.

    - Dual Single Zone
        Dual Zone :  Default Setting Provides for the setting of individual
                     temperatures between Driver & Passenger zones.
        Single Zone: Adjustment of the Driver's temperature will also adjust
                     the passenger's temperature, however if the passenger
                     temperature is altered the system will revert to Dual zone
                     until the vehicle is switched off. On restarting the vehicle,
                     single zone will result.

    - Climate Control Default Setting
        Yes / No: Allows the driver to quickly reset all adjusted ACC parameters
                  to the original default settings

* System Settings
    - Language
        Desired language of the SId and the Infotainment System

    - Units
        km/h or mph

    - Speed Scale illumination
        In nightpanel mode illuminate 0-140 km/h or 0-260 km/h

    - Service Information Select Appropriate Language
        Service Data detailing Oil Quality and Time for Service can be viewed.

Tech 2 Adjustments: (NOT User Programmable)

* Panic Alarm
  Desc.: Disablees or Enables the Panic Alarm via remote control

* Trunk Unlock
  Desc.: What happens when the trunk button on the remote is triggered

    Single Press Unlock+Open:                 Single press of the remote or
                                              door switch will unlock and open boot
    Single Press unlock / Double Press Open:  Single press of the remote or door
                                              switch will unlock; double press
                                              will unlock and open boot.

* Trunk Lock After Closing
  Desc.: What happens to the trunk lock when closing it.

     Yes: Automatically lock Boot on closing
     No: Boot can be reopened using micro switch button located on the trunk/boot

* Trunk Lock After Drive Off
  Desc.: Should the trunk be locked at drive off or after 30 sec.?

     Yes: Trunk/Boot will automatically lock when vehicle increases speed
     No:  Trunk/Boot will remain closed, however will be in the unlocked
          condition if No was selected in the previous option.

* Door & Trunk Unlock at Key Out
  Desc.: When the is removed from the center console should door/trunk 
         be unlocked?

    Yes: All Doors & Trunk/Boot will Unlock when the Key is removed from
         the Ignition Switch If Driver frequently locked all Doors when
         this feature would be beneficial.
    No:  Doors and Boot will remain in the same condition as they were
         to Key removal

* TSL Locking Logic (Theft Security Locking/Deadlock)
    TSL at first Press:  Default Setting. All Doors will lock in Deadlock
    TSL at Second Press: All Doors will lock in Deadlock mode at the second
                         press of the Remote.

* Lock /Unlock Acknowledge
    None :      No acknowledge will be visible
    Indicators: Indicators will blink as acknowledge

* Follow Me Home Function
     Tail Light:    When selected Tail Lights will be illuminated
     Back Up Light: When Selected Reverse Light will be activated

Tech 2 Body Exterior Lighting & Horn

* High Beam Follow me home Active Time
  Desc.: Follow Me Home Active Time can be adjusted between 0- 10 minutes

    This Feature can be turned on or Off .Yes / No can be selected.
    Low Beam Automatic / Low Beam also in Position 0 (light switch)
    Yes / No
    Follow Me Home Active Time
    - Daytime Driving Lights can be activated

* Parking Lights

    Act as Lead Me To the Car Light.

* Park Light On Reminder
    On / Off
    If Ignition is turned Off and the parking lights are active, Driver will
    be warned if set to on.

* Show Trailer Light Outage
  Desc.: REC will detect blown trailer light and display on SID

    Yes or No

* Trailer Light / Fog Light off

    Yes: Fog Light Rear will be disabled When Trailer is connected Yes

* Horn Lock Unlock Acknowledge
    On:  Horn will honk when car is locked
    Off: Horn will not honk if car is locked

Tech 2 Body Locking

* Panic Alarm Activation (Vehicles fitted with /Alarm only)
    - Panic Button / Locking Switch
      Central Locking Switch Driver /Passenger

         - Panic Button on Remote and locking switch inside vehicle will
           activate alarm
         - Panic Button will activate Alarm only
         - Locking Switch inside vehicle (driver /passenger will activate
           alarm only
         - No Panic Alarm function required.

* Unlock Logic
    All at first press : All Doors will open & Fuel Lid will unlock if the
                         Driver or Passenger Door Switch is activated
    Driver Door & Fuel Lid at first press : Only the drivers Door will unlock
                                            & Fuel Lid will unlock when door
                                            switch is activated

* Remote unlocking One Press
    All at first press: All Doors will open & Fuel Lid will unlock if the
                        Remote is pressed 
    Driver door & Fuel Lid at first press: Only the drivers Door will unlock &
                                           Fuel Lid will unlock when the Remote
                                           is pressed

Tech 2 Body Front Wipers &Washers

* Additional Wipes
  Desc.: Below this Vehicle Speed Adjustment / Used after washing the windscreen.
         System will activate an additional wipe to remove excess water run off.
         Therefore Driver can wash screen without turning wiper on to wipe runoff.
         The Vehicle Speed at which the additional wipe feature cancels can be set.
         Number of Wipes after wash Number of Wipes after wash is programmable.
         The number of wipes can be set between 0-10.

     Wiper/Extra Wipe Enable:
        Yes: Extra Wipe enabled
        No:  Extra Wipe not enabled

     Front Washer:  Number of Wipes after wash Number of wipes can be 
                    set between 0-10 Recirculation for 30 seconds after wash

* Bi Xenon Only Washer activation time

       Yes / No

* Washer activation 1
  Reduces or increases the amount of washer solution dependant on driving 
  conditions Washer activation time for the first wash can be set between
   .1-2.0 seconds

* Washer activation 2
  Desc.:  Reduces alcohol smell during windscreen washing.

    Yes: Recirculation activated to reduce washer solution alcohol smell
         (AC/ACC recirculation)
    No:  No Recirculation during windscreen wash

    Washer activation time for the second wash can be set between .1-2.0

* Headlight Washer Blocking Time (Bi Xenon only)
  Desc.: Headlight Washer Blocking Time; Determines the time required
         before an additional headlight wash will be performed
    Default setting is 2 minutes. Driving conditions may dictate less or
    more time before a subsequent wash is actioned. Adjustment between 0

Tech 2 Body Heating & Ventilation
* Air Distribution Floor Mist Delay at Start Up

    - Open Defrost in Hot Climate: Yes /No
        Delays the Air Distribution to the screen on start up to reduce 
        fogging the inside of the screen. Select yes to allow air to be 
        directed to screen during AC cooling operation.
        Select No if Screen is fogging up on the outside of the screen 
        during AC operation and high humidity.
        Air Flow Fan Mist delay at Start Up 0-30sec.
    - Recirculation Semi Auto Yes /No
        Recirculation Manual Yes / No
        Recirculation After Wash 30seconds Yes /No Delays fan operation for
        selected time to reduce screen fog up ACC will control recirculation,
        can be overridden by manual selection, however, will revert to 
        Automatic on start up. Recirculation or Fresh will be Manually 
        selected and maintained on next start. Alcohol smell from washer fluid
        is reduced.
    - Rear Demist 
        Rear Demist Activation Time 5min - 20minutes

Tech 2 Body Theft Protection
    - Drivers Door Doors & Trunk will unlock at key out 
    - Door Lock if not opened.
    - Door Switches Unlock Function Yes/No
        Door will automatically lock if unlocked and not opened.
        These are the same adjustment items as unlock logic.
        Passenger Door Same as Drivers Doors Adjustment items
        Rear Left Door Same as Drivers Doors Adjustment items
        Rear Right Door Same as Drivers Doors Adjustment items

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Also, dealer only: DRLs on/off and the number of indicator flashes for the lock/unlock.
I think there's more.

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Welcome! :)

Prices vary a lot from dealer to dealer. Some charge about half an hour's labour, some a bit more. Some dealers will do some simple things for free, especially if you get it done during a normal service when the Tech2 computer is connected to the car anyway.

You could try a good Saab independent specialist, as long a they have the Tech2!

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Does anyone know of a specialist in Kent that has Tech II? I took mine to a dealership last December (has closed down now) and while it was in having the service I asked them to check with Tech II to see if my infotainment system could be setup for iPod (Aux). They charged me for telling me that it was not currently setup for use and then refused to take the car back again when I asked them to check if it COULD be set for use. 1 week later they were closed. I just want my Infotainment system setup for iPod (Aux) ! Should it be that hard ? No more stealerships for me. Indy's all the way from now on. Just need to find a decent one ! !

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If you don't have the socket in the centre console then you will need the cable which plugs in the back of the EHU (silver part of the radio behind the cd player) then tech 2 needs to be used to tell the cd player it's there. The fitting of the cable is fairly easy I think there is a 'how to' on here somewhere then all you need is it programmed.

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comfort close only works in US, CA and AU as these are the only countrys that have the anti-pinch sensors fitted(I just tryed to activate it on my car)

AUX input can be activated before the cable is installed if necessery as activating it just sets the CD button to switch between the 2
I bought the cable from ELK for £40 they also have the instructions on there web page

AUX cable ELKparts

to bad you dont live near birmingham as I have a Tech2 and can do all of the programming and diagnostics

does any one know if the Tech2 can program the stage1/2 ECU maps?
as I know it can program ECUs but is it only original maps that it can program?
if it can do stage1/2 maps does anyone know where I can get them from?

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Comfort close does work on uk cars if they have optional comfort pack fitted as an extra. In this case the cars a fitted with all the electrics.

tech 2 I think can only reprogramme genuine Saab maps via tis (actually tis2web now as tis2000 is no longer used) there maybe a way to put a tuning map onto the memory card but not as far as I know.

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the country thing I was only goin on what my tech2 said
and it also said that I do not have the anti pinch sensors fitted

do you know if they can be retro fitted to a 54 lin
I think I will need new door looms for the extra 2 wires per door

also some of the options like the highbeam follow me home arent present for my model

and the tis2web doesnt matter to me at the moment as TIS2000 goes upto 08 and my 54 reads as a 05 model
it will only come as a problem if I buy a new car (I stick to GM)

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<div align="center">Tech 2 Diagnostics – All
Service Data
Activate All Exterior Lights
Force Ignition Key Release
Learn Anti-Pinch
Check Ignition Key Status
OBD II Scan Tool

Most Common Adjustments
Panic Alarm Enable
Panic Alarm Activation
Tire Size
Fog Lights Front
Seat Belt Reminder
Trunk Unlock
Trunk Lock After Closing
Trunk Lock At Drive Off
Doors & Trunk Unlock At Key Out
Doors & Trunk Lock At Drive Off
Unlock Logic
TSL Locking Logic
Lock/Unlock Acknowledge
Follow Me Home
Follow me home. Type Of Rear Light
Enable Comfort Opening

<blockquote>Control Modules
<blockquote>ACC (Automatic Climate Control)
ACM (Airbag Control Module)
AHL/AFL (Headlamp Level / Advanced Light)
AHM/PHM (Additional / Park Heater Module)
BCM (Body Control Module)
CDCR (CD Changer Rear)
CDF/CDCF (CD Front / CD Changer Front)
CIM (Column Integration Module)
CU/PU (Communication Unit / Positioning Unit)
DDM (Driver Door Module)
DSM (Driver Seat Memory)
ECM (Engine Control Module)
EHPS (Electro Hydraulic Power Steering)
EHU (Entertainment Head Unit)
ICM (Infotainment Control Module)
MIU (Main Instrument Unit)
PDM (Passenger Door Module)
PSM (Passenger Seat Memory)
REC (Rear Electrical Center)
RLDM (Rear Left Door Module)
RRDM (Rear Right Door Module)
SLM (Shift Lever Module)
SPA (Saab Parking Assistance)
SRM (Sun Roof Module)
STC (Soft top Control)
TCM (Transmission Control Module)
TCS/ESP (Traction Control / Electronic Stability)
TPMM (Tire Pressure Monitoring Module)
UEC (Underhood Electrical Center)

<blockquote>Add Keys</blockquote>

<blockquote>Cruise Control
Steering Wheel Switches
Steering Wheel Controls, Sentronic
Trip Computer
AUX Input
Electrical Heater
Fuel heater
Extra Lights
Fog Lights
CDCR (CD Changer Rear)
CDF/CDCF (CD Front / CD Changer Front)
Sound System Premium
Sound System Prestige
Theft Alarm
SPA (Saab Parking Assistance)
Integrated Phone

<blockquote>Other Component
<blockquote>SCL (Steering Column Lock)
AHL/AFL – Sensors (Calibration)
1.9TiD – Injector Replaced
1.9Tid – Fuel Pressure Sensor Replaced
1.9TiD – Particle Filter Replaced
1.9TiD – PF Pressure Sensor Replaced
1.9TiD – Pre Catalyst Replaced
1.9TiD – Oxygen Sensor Replaced
1.9TiD – Mass Air Flow Sensor Replaced

I would take it one more step in but Im not in my car at the mo and that as much info as the Tech2 will give me without a car connected
PS thats for the 05 model
the different models have different Tech2 options eg

04 model
Other components

06 Model
other comonents - has same as 05 +
2.8T - Throttle Body replaced
ESP - Yew Rate Sensor Replaced
ESP - Brake Pressure Sensor Replaced

07 model
Cruise Control
Steering Wheel Controls, Sentronic
Electrical Heater
Fuel Heater
Extra Lights
Fog Lights
Theft Alarm
SPA (Saab Parking Assistance)

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Just had first interim service for my 2008 93 2.0t Aero SW at Ballards in Finchley, North London - probably the worst service I've ever experienced... from service dept being simply negative with any request to being unable to perform simple cost calculations without adding an extra £50 on top - why? I still don't know... and, verging on rude and unwilling - especially to my partner.

I asked them to make Tech II adjustments at the same time as they would already have the equipment connected as part of the service... from the alterations I asked for :

1) Activate recirculation to reduce alcohol smell when using washers.
2) Reduce amount of washer solution.
3) 2 extra wipes after wash.
4) Enable panic alarm.
5) Change unlock logic so only drivers door and fuel flap open with first remote press and all doors with second press.

They told me most of the options weren't available on my model and they only managed to sort number 5 - with number 4 they DISABLED the (already disabled) panic alarm function!

I also asked them about the intermittent problem with the led side lights not working - and had to remind the of the TSB before they acknowledged me - then when they agreed to sort it - never did and on the service report stated "No Fault Found" - it's intermittent! Hellooooo?!

Then after trying to charge me an extra £100 for their attempts I refused to pay and the cost was finally reduced to £34 + Vat...
and this on top of the £290 for an interim service (oil flush and change, oil filter change and a few seals and rings!) :mad:

I asked them for a list of available Tech II options for my model and they said it wasn't possible to do that...


Two questions please:

Does anyone know the Tech II options for a 2008 model 93 Aero SW?

Also, can anyone suggest a good place in or near to North London that can (and will!) perform Tech II changes?

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The 9-3SS has an option called "comfort close". If you have the option fitted then you can do a one-touch open and close. Otherwise you only get one-touch open.

If you think you have the option fitted and it doesn't work, then you need to reset the pinch protection. The procedure fro this varies between saloon and convertible.
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