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Saab 9-3 Vector 2008 - non-runner ! for sale

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Hi guys.
Please go easy on me as I'm new to forums & their etiquette, if I make any errors in my ad here, okey, here:

Here is my Saab 93 2008 which I owned since 2015 and this is my third Saab 93.
MOT valid until 7 August 2023. Petrol 1.8 turbo.
Two keys and original log book & manuals, has never been in an accident-crash.
I'm sentimental about Saab in general (drove Saab for over 20 yrs) but also put bit sweat & blood into this one - installed after-market quality sound speakers myself.
Had new spark plugs only ~500 miles ago and new ignition coils in 2020.

If you know bit more about Saabs then you might have heard that some 93s had a hidden fault - valves were not up to the standard and worn off after some mileage - unfortunately my 93 suffered from this factory fault.
That was repaired by specialist mechanics - I have all the paperwork with warranty on cylinder head, was re-machined & new set of valves put in May 2021.

However ! a few months & only a few hundreds miles later engined suffered from a failure, the same mechanics thought it was faulty oil pump but upon investigation they found that it most likely is more serious bottom-end issue.

Bodywork is okey but not perfect-great and if you are a fan of perfectly looking cars then you will definitely want to 'fix' a few small blemishes.

Car is with the mechanics since September 2021 and photos were taken earlier that summer.
Collection will have to be arranged or the same mechanics - with whom the Saab resides now, Reach village near Cambridge/Ely - could possibly fix it, they are certainly capable of that. The buyer would have to decide that after the purchase.

I'm abroad currently and with such sporadic travels to UK cannot be bother, have no time, to look after the Saab and take care of possible repairs.

I'm not sure if we/users can attach photos here but please do get in touch and I'll share those as well - or alternatively, you can find my ad with photos on Gumtree site.

many thanks. Pav.
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