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I am changing the standard radio from the car to the touchscreen satnav unit (std saab)and need to know the type of aerial socket it uses as its different from the fitted radio's fakra connector on first sight it looks like a TV type fitting but closer inspection shows its nothing like.

Any help appreciated.

I know the way to go is the Kenwood, Clarion, Pannasonic etc etc but I want to try the OEM first if I am not happy then I will go aftermarket.
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I appreciate you undoubtedly have your own reasons for doing what you're contemplating, but you won't be happy with the Saab touchscreen satnav unit unless you can get bang up to date mapping discs for it. I had mine removed precisely because it was unbelievably pointless, in that it just can't compete with the likes of TomTom etc. In short, it's old tech and it shows. I now have a Kenwood DAB unit and although it doesn't have built in satnav, it is a fantastic bit of kit. I had mine installed professionally, there was no way I was attempting a job like that myself and was worth every penny of the 70 quid it cost to have it installed.
If you are swapping the standard infotainment 150 for the Saab sat nav unit , you have to make sure the old unit is divorced from the old car and you will have to have it married to your car ( you will require the VIN from the car the unit is comming out from ) also you will have to upgrade the shark fin , to accept the GPS signal from the head unit , it dose not accept the GPS signal through the standard aerial which is normally built into the rear screen ,
The shark fin is basically a dummy aeial .
I know someone on here was selling a high end unit with the adaptors for £400 .
Under a year old his handle is Christmas. Look on the classified ads .
Thanks for the advice as I said if I am not happy I will go after market. As for the divorce and marriage I know that and the uniit I have has been divorced its from a reputable Saab breaker whoo sells having divorced the items I can marry it to my car as I have a tech2. As for upto date maps there are companies on the net that have 2016/2017 maps for around £30 so that should not be an issue.

The question was what is the connector type, I am now assuming it's an SMB 75 OHM Female I need.
So you got all angles of attack covered
Connector type is SMB female as you say .
The aerial connector I have found is a Chrysler item used in Neons Voyagers etc

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Whatever you do don’t get a map from Senitech Satellite Technology in Spain I got ripped off by them the disks didn’t work and I didn’t get a refund.
Whatever you do don’t get a map from Senitech Satellite Technology in Spain I got ripped off by them the disks didn’t work and I didn’t get a refund.
Thanks for the warning

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