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Saab 9-3 TTid No Power Steering

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Hi all been a while since i was last on here!! Not since I blew a timing belt on my 2011 Aero TTid estate several years, back & had to scrap it off.

So several cars later i decided to go back & buy another 9-3 TTID, this time a 9-3 Saloon T4 TTid (non as good as my original i must say).

So having driven & self maintained my old Aero for 6 years i decided over the weekend to fix the known issues i had with my new Saab.

Issue 1 : Low Oil Pressure warning on cold power. This involved dropping the sump and replacing the O-ring gasket on the oil pick up pipe internal to the sump. Big job but i have done it previously so wasn’t phased. Job completed 1 day job that took 3 days due to snapped oil return feed! to the sump!

Once the car was back together, i noticed the power steering was not working! Which takes me on to the 2nd issue

Issue 2 : The steering rack has had a leak for the 3 weeks ive owned the car, I’ve kept it topped up so never lost the power steering. I sourced a 2nd hand rack and fitted that yesterday (not as big a job as i though, it can be removed thru the drivers side wheel arch with the pump & pump cradle removed), once back together with replacement rack again no power steering.

So with 2 racks (original leaking one) and new 2nd hand one both times the power steering fails to work (Also my steering wheel is now upside down when straight ahead, not too bothered about that can remove and realign easy enough).

So I’m thinking is pump faulty?

Is air in the system??

Is the battery not happy as it was off the car for 4 days???

Have I damaged something whist doing all the repairs????
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