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Hi hope someone can help me with my problem.
I have a Saloon 1.9 TiD (88kw/120ps) from 2008 and when I have driven it had it up in the middle of H and L Engine temperature and afterwards waited 1-2 hours when it is not completely cold, but not over the lowest mark. I have trouble starting it, it keeps going with lots of battery, but won’t seem to have that last thing it needs to turn on. The glow plug doesn’t turn on at this point, but usually turns on, when it’s completely cold.

I have tried a new (crankshaft position sensor), as I had read it could be something to do with that - but doesn’t work

A new Glow Plug relay - but doesn’t work

Glow plugs was changed 6 years ago, around 130.000 km or 80.000 miles.

I really hope you can help!
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