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Ok here goes - I bought a scrapper Saab for spares, it had the Saab sat nav system - happy days I thought , until my 56 plate has a different dash ??*♂.

I removed the head unit, the side control panel, the gps aerial, the aerial wiring, the other box the aerial goes into (maybe a phone unit??) the dvd drive from the boot the CD unit from up front and the small trim piece near ash tray, everything (i think) that you would need to upgrade to sat nav.

I am no expert so no idea if it would need coding to your car or anything like that. It’s all working as it should do would be an ideal winter project for someone with the ‘older style’ dashboard.

I would be more than happy to swap for a double din sat nav for the newer dashboard

I’ll put a price on of £175 posted but I will be happy to take offers.

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