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Hi All,

First time poster here, but I was wondering if I could pick someone's brains with a slight issue I have.

I've had my 9-3 for about 3 years now and had no issues with the radio or electrics previously, but a few months ago out of the blue the radio started coming up on the display as "Radio Locked", everything else works on the car and starts fine which leads to believe its not the DICE.

I've had it down to my mechanics too, who have hooked it up to a Tech 2 and found no Errors and that the radio is still married to the car. It also does the usual work's for 6 seconds then locks out.

Has anyone else seen this issue and possibly found a solution for it?

As I am planning to sell my beloved 9-3 within the next year I'd like to spend as little as possible on it while I give it some extra TLC before selling.

Many Thanks in advance.

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