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rewiring the whole system?

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is there any way that i can simply remove the two stock amps in my 2003 9-3 linear and simply run speaker wire to new speakers? basically i want to be able to have an after market deck, speakers, subs amp etc without having to screw with the security system so i would just leave the old factory stereo in. currently i have a high low converter for my subs which works good just kinda want those extra after market things to make it really loud, this might just make sense in my head but idk post some ideas or thoughts.:crazy:
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Yeah you can do that.

I have completely bypassed all the in-built audio devices and run a completely new system. I used the standard speaker wire that goes from under the seat to the door speakers by tapping into the wire just before it goes into the black connector under the seat. I am currently then running all the amps straight from my ipod (not ideal at all) until I procure an Audison Bit One/Ten to control the volume.
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