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Reving by itself and lots of white smoke TTID 180 Bhp

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I have a 2009 93 Aero TTid 180bhp and yesterday when I was shifting the gear from 2nd to 3rd ( after driving for about 20 minutes) the engine began to rev by itself at full revs and lots and lots of white smoke coming out of the silencers. I tried to switch it off by the key, but it remained started. and my only way to switch it off was by applying the sixth gear and hold the brake.I thought that the engine was going to explode!! After I towed it to a friend of mine, he put off the thick intercooler pipe off from the engine air intake and the oil return and it worked normally, (without reving by itself) except for the oil that was splitting from the intercooler. He said that the engine is fine. But now the we must find what caused the trouble. Any suggestions?? Thanks
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Oil will make an effective
source of fuel for a diesel engine.
Seen a x trail blow its self to bits on a you tube video.
Yes similar to that, but mine was like revving on and off and I stopped the engine on 6th gear. It took only about 1 minute in all. Someone told me that the rev limiter prevented the engine from continuous revving at full speed.
Check your oil level NOW,sounds like it become over filled with diesel from failed dpf regens and is passing the rings and keeping the engine will get to a point where you won't be able to stop it and the engine will just max revs till it hand grenades itself..
You are right, aerojon. The oil level is double. And all this started when the DPF light went on and I began driving on second gear at about 3600-4000 revs for about 15 minutes ( so that it can start regenerate itself).Now that the engine seems to be OK, what do I need to do?
Get your car to a garage with tech 2 and check that you have the latest ecu software. There was an update which helped prevent exactly the problem you've had.
Thank you all for your help. Raj, the problem is that I am from Gozo,Malta, and mine is the only Saab this model on the island ( about 7 more Saabs very old). I think here is impossible to update ECU. Next step, clean the intercooler from the oil, change oil and filter and see what happens. Thanks once again and will update when ready.
lucky it didn't go bang !!

the cause is not completing/doing a regen.
how do you drive it !!
I've been to Malta, along time ago right enough but I remember it to be quite a small island. However it might be worth checking to see if there is an Opel dealer somewhere on the island. As SAAB was owned by GM up until the beginning of 2009, they might be able to help you get the software update installed. I highly recommend trying everything possible to get the update on your car. You were lucky to rescue the engine on this occasion but next time might not be so fortunate. The TTiD really needs a good run every couple of weeks on the motorway (could be sooner depending on the mileage you cover) in order to complete regeneration.

If you find that you can't get an update then this little gizmo will help you:

It plugs straight into your OBD port under the dashboard in the drivers side foot well (UK spec anyway which i'm assuming you have given you also drive on the left). I have one and it's been a great device that lets me keep an eye on my DPF levels and plan a regen run amongst other things. Basically when the level hits 80% hit the motorway and get a good run at 70 mph for at least 20 mins. Don't stop until it's finished regenerating. You will see the level drop when it's complete. Mine never goes to 0, it's always about 8%. Be warned if you leave it until it hits 100% the car will automatically kick off a regen in which case you will have no choice but to hit the motorway so try plan ahead.

The price might seem steep at €172,55 incl. VAT but better that than over €2000 for a new engine.

Hope that helps.
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