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ive mentioned my works gutless merc "walker"a time ago about fitting an MBC on it to give it more go,but this was a no go idea.but as i drove it today i worryingly got another idea
its got a rev limiter fitted so it wont go past 4k rpm(the counter goes to 7k,but i dont know what it would rev to if not limited).because it only revs to 4k and im "foot to the floor" in all gears,up and down,im able to change gear without taking my foot of the gas.this helps with acceleration,although only a bit,but as tescos say.......!now would it be possible(and a good idea) to fit a "switchable"rev limiter to "top out"at the optimum revs for best acceleration when required?IE a burn up at the lights etc.being able to keep ones foot to the floor must be a good idea,innit?
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