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Recently purchased my first SAAB ( 9-3 2011 ) & am considering replacing the head unit with possibly a 1 din aftermarket DAB radio.

Having watched several YOU tube videos, I am looking for advice - specifically regarding the connections for speakers and steering wheel controls etc.
I believe the system I have is a Premium 150, and I note the audio amp in the boot.
I am unclear how the speaker connections from a new radio would be connected to the existing amp ??

Are there wiring harness adaptors required ??

Any advice most welcome - thanks

I've owned many, many Saabs over the past 30 years, and am a serious audio guy. I want to have absolutely high quality deep full sound in any car I own. I've modified the sound systems in a number of my Saabs, the most recent being a 2008 Lynx Edition ragtop. The car came with Premium audio and sounded very good. But I wanted integrated nav, Apple CarPlay, backup camera, etc. I had a $1,400 head unit professionally installed, and replaced all speakers with top end audiophile speakers- about $1,200 worth. All told, parts and shop charges for the work, a $4,000 upgrade. Nav, Apple CarPlay, Blu Tooth backup camera and all the rest worked beautifully. The sound? Not nearly as good as what it came with new. Not even close. As many Saabs as I've had and modified thje audio systems in you'd think I might have learned by now. Nope! So with all the experience I've had trying to upgrade Saab audio systems, my best advice is DON'T! You won't make it better and your wallet will suffer for the experience. -DLH
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