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relay or d.i.c.e unit

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Hi out there. I got year 2000 saab 9-3s. cant work out which relay controls the indicators. according to my haynes manuel there isnt one. Have i got this right and does this mean it all goes through the d.i.c.e unit? Could this unit cause problems with faulty indicators. Anyone out there help as its got me stumped. Thanks.
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Yes, the indicators are powered via the DICE unit. What problem(s) are you having?
Thanks for the info. The problem i am having is that after being left outside,unused for a couple of months both nearside and offside indicators will only flash twice,then stop. All indications on the dashboard tell me they are working. It happens on hazards too. It has got very damp underneath the dash,drivers side,where i believe the DICE is.
this is what I have ....did you sort it please
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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