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Rear suspension 2000 9-3 2.0t bumpstops

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Hi - noticed a chunk out of one of the upper bump stops on the right hand side rear of my old wagon (hence the squeaking of metal agst metal when I get in & the slight unsure feeling around left hand corners) & have 2 new ones to replace them. Anyone done this on an old OG please? The Haynes manual says you can get the springs out by removing the lower shock bolt & "levering" the arm down between arm & shock. However this us against the force of the anti roll bar so takes some levering with one hand while trying to get the soring out with the other! Dodgy at the least. I'm considering using a scissor jack to lower it instead but am concerned at possible damage to the a roll bar & the brake lines if I overdo it?
I don't fancy taking my head off with a slipped compressed spring if I can avoid it!
Anyone done this & know the lower shock bolt specs as I'd like to replace them btw - can't find them anywhere!!

Thanks for any advice in advance. šŸ¤Ÿ
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Found 'em under "Hexagon screw"
here with thanks to the site owners
: SECHSKANTSCHRAUBE fĆ¼r SAAB, Original-Ersatzteil - OE Nr. 4685228, 32020123 /
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