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Today I decided to replace both rear calipers on my now 12 year old Saabillac BLS. Lockdown gives me plenty of time to scour EBay and look for replacements. I ended up buying one brand new possibly Chinese copy, and one refurbished OEM caliper. The new 'copy' caliper cost me £16 plus a fiver for delivery and the refurbished OEM cost me £28 all in.

Anyway, I painted them up both black with caliper paint. I bought new banjo bolts that came complete with crush washers and I bought some Proslip brake grease, 3 tube pack, Pin, Pad and Clip. Both calipers came with bleed screws

Did the rear offside first. Handbrake cable seized absolutely solid in the hole it feeds through to the spring lever. I was in no mood for mucking about and so I just cut through the alloy with a hack saw and got the handbrake cable free. Yes, caliper knackered but as there was no need to return it and I was never going to mess about buying a piston kit, it's junk. Nearside, exactly the same. Discs were fine but I had a brand new spare pair of pads in the garage, so they went on.

Upshot, two new rear calipers on, brakes all bled up and job done. Total cost for the pair of calipers and banjo bolts, £55. Now, I wonder how much a garage would have charged me to do that job?
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