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rear bumper decor strip

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Need to replace the above as it's coming off (fed up sticking it back on) (1992 CDE). Am I right in thinking that the plastic fascia on the bumper can be removed without removing the whole bumper?
Has anyone done this? If so, what size and how many screws? I 2 I can see easily as rusted to bits so no doubt others will be the same.
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Ha! There's something I actually know. Mine is a 94 9k CSE, I hope it won't differ much from a CDE. I did have to remove the whole bumper. Just four bolts to undo in the boot and the whole thing drops off (I put a blanket underneath to avoid scratches.) Once off, there are two clips left and right and the strip can be pulled out & replaced. Still amazes me how the car can be transformed when a tiny weathered strip is replaced by a shiny new one.

Just four bolts to undo in the boot and the whole thing drops off

[/ QUOTE ]
Isn't there also a small screw either side fixing the lower part of the bumper to the side trim? There is on my CSE.
There's timely... I've got the same problem - now part solved with thanks. But where do you get the replacement strip? What would you expect this item to cost?

Hi arclite

I have just purchased a replacement front strip off eBay for £16 inc shipping - just needed to tell them which model and bumper. Rear strips appear to be the same price.

But no doubt folks here will know of cheaper sources...

Wish I'd checked ebay myself. paid Western Saab 30 odd quid for a strip and 2 clips. Oh well, it's worth it to keep the old girl looking pretty.
I replaced mine on the front and rear bumpers on the 3.0 V6 with this from Ebay, i did not bother with the clips as it is self adhesive and i just stuck an extra inch through the hole either side, it looks ( i can't tell the difference anyway) the same and has lasted perfectly, and i have enough to do the other V6 too.

Chrome strip

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Edgware Motor Rubber & Trim do a whole range of strips, mouldings etc. in different sizes and colours.
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