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The throttle potentiometer is located in the footwell on the left hand side and I'm told that keeping the connections clean helps, the new ones have gold plated connectors and thus the prices for new are very expensive.
I cleaned my throttle body with carb cleaner, took the body off and opened the butterfly flap and used my finger to rub all the built up goo off. It made a big difference in tick over especially in limp home mode i.e it had a tick over, 950rpm...I drove over 2000 miles in limp mode, got quite used to it, bit vicious on feeding the power in on corners though!"!
The standard fix by 'so called experts' is a new throttle potentiometer, new TCS solenoid and throttle body. However, I changed all these items with known good spares and still had problems, it turned out to be a faulty ECU in the end and 2 stroke to turbo finally fixed it for me.
This is a very frustrating problem of owning these types of cars, but when its fixed I find the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
One thing to remember, you need the ESAT communicator not TECH II, if your dealer uses TECH II you are wasting your time as the fault codes do not cross reference correctly between the software upgrade of the 2 units. The main dealer was going to replace my ECU at a cost of £750 because TECH II said it was faulty when the only thing wrong was the vacuum hoses had been crossed over in error on the TCS solenoid!
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