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Re: Cosmetic Modifications

Originally posted by T16S-SAAB:
[QB]Hi all,

My second post...

Will Convertible mirrors directly replace the standard mirrors?[/b]
Not a chance. The windscreen angle is completely different

Has anyone ever fitted a whale tail spoiler to a saloon? will it fit?
Have to replace boot lid on mine and the bridge spoiler clips are broken and so thought i might try something different.[/b]
Whilst you can do everything given enough time and fibreglass, given the enormous mismatch between the spoiler made for a rounded surface and the saloon bootlid being a convex one, I could not imagine the result looking anywhere near good...

Has anyone fitted a front or rear splitter?[/b]
I believe Matt Faulks (F900) does have some aerodynamics going on at the non-shiny side of things - haven't been able to spot them on his piccies tho'...

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Thank you for the welcome kev.

And thank you Eric for your comments, i appreciate the "numerous" differences in the body shape, just thought that as i was going to do the paint that it may interesting to do
somthing diffent than the norm....

Guess it must be too much trouble, or someone far more adventrous and whealthy would have done it already.....

I think that if is was done "properly" it would look good... and certainly different.

Shame about the mirors, really like the two armed ones on the convertible, the standard ones look a tad "unattended" to. Soft top ones are more stylised.

Anyone fitted anything different?



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I fitted a "splitter" to my t16s but it had the carlsson/aero bodykit
I did this to improve the flow thro the 9000 i/c that I fitted at the front...loads of space to do this

worked pretty well imho

easy to do
an afternoon with some glasfibre resin and loads of disposable gloves..
moulded it dead flat and then blended it in with some filler

finished I thought it looked the dogs..
It was white ,2 door with all the body kit colour keyed
my son called it the great white shark

Still miss it ,want another one

On mech mods eric is the man
As he says there is probably nothing much more to do oily wise apart from some wilder cams
beware roadability/driveabilty tho..
Engine management side there is a lot
Expensive way to go is a custom engine management from the likes of motec or autronic
Or fit trionic..but I believe thats a bit more complicated ...
the front of the car is plenty stiff and I believe even the rally team did not stiffen the front

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Hi! and welcome to Saabscene!!

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