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Took the woodburner into Rapid Fit in York yesterday to get a slow puncture repaired - a nail had gone through the centre of the tread on NSF. This is the one I had to replace due to a punctured sidewall when it was 3 weeks old so not having good luck there .

Chap did a quick assessment and said that even though it was in the middle of the tread & not on the shoulder, it might not be repairable due to the nail going in on a bit of an angle - apparently this may damage too many of the fibres. Whether this was a ploy to try & get a new tyre or not I'm not sure.

Anyhow, he decides to give it a whirl & drills out the hole to be plugged with some fancy new way of repairing punctures - new to me, the last few I've had I've had to throw the tyre away.

Does a cracking job, balances the wheel with the correct sticky weights on the inside of the rim, takes care not to over-torque the nuts & then refuses to take any cash from me.

"It's a bit quiet here today, I had nowt else to do. Just come back when you need some new tyres". Top bloke !

I only hope it's not so he didn't have to record & therefore guarantee the repair (what a cynic
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