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So i don't visit here often due to work and 2 kids! But i've finally have a little time to post up my 9-3 Aero TTiD

So i did have a 2006 1.9 TiD Vector Sport and loved it. Took me everywhere, never broke down on me, so comfortable for long drives so I decided I wanted another! So this time I fancied having that extra turbo for lower down the rev range for a bit more poke and started to look at the TTiD range. So after many hours looking I fell for a White 9-3 Aero TTiD which was for sale on Auto-Trader. Hardly ever see a White 9-3 Saloon I think thats why I set on haveing a white one! So i called the guy and it was sold. Gutted!

So i set out again my search, this time looking for a White one. Not just any white one, it had to be a Aero TTiD! So after days of searching and many alerts set up, around 3 weeks later one of my alerts triggered!

So there she was sat in Scotland waiting for me! So called the dealer, all seemed well! 1 Previous Owner, Full Saab Service History, 60k on the clock, it was white and an Aero TTiD! Boom! So we set off to Bonny Scotland a total round trip of 552 miles. We arrived and everything ticked the boxes! Phew! So i put a deposit down and went away a happy man espically knowing others were queing up to view the car and we beat them too it! So the weekend after we brought her home!

Here we are 7 months later and still going strong! Not an issue so far (touch wood) bar a cruise control fault which was present when the car was purchased!

So spec is:

Engine: 1.9 TTiD (180)

Wheels: 9-3 Turbo X Alloys

Tyres: Front - Continental ContiSport Contact 5
Rear - Contonental ContiSport Contact 3

Extras: Rear Spoiler
Full Team Hecko Wind Deflector kit (Myself)

Interior: Full Leather (Heated)

ICE: Kenwood DNX4230DAB (Myself)

Lights: Front - Xenon Auto-Leveling
Interior - SMD's (Myself)
Number Plate - SMD's (Myself)

That's about it for now! Not looking to do too much at the minute. Possibly looking at window tints mainly for the kids in the back! ;)


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stunning in white! they are great cars to drive, i am on the same boat, had a tid vector sport for 2 years and never failed, then ended up with a grey ttid aero love it.

health to drive mate
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