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I recently had to replace my UJ Steering Joint on my 2011 9-3.

Steering wheel when stationary or in a straight line would have "play" or a "dead spot" in the middle, left and right where nothing moved the wheels, it was really disconcerning especially at motorway speeds.

Anyway, sourced salvaged unit, didn't realise diesel and petrol versions have different joint (diesel being black).

Got it fitted etc, steering is lovely and tight as much as a SAAB can be.

But, someone told me the reason these joints fail, is because of a rather silly design flaw where the rain/drain pipe behind the window wipers is directly above this joint and thus over time drips rain water on the joint and washing away the lubricant.

So, found the culprit "the drain" and yes it sits directly above this in the engine bay up against the firewall.

So, found an old suncream top and piece of plastic hose and fashtioned up a rather crude by pass for this drain pipe, painted up black looked good, securely attached with a strategically placed screw into the drain holes rubber skin....

So, so far so good my UJ has stayed nice and dry and hopefully will last longer than it did originally.

Hope this helps any one with this common 9-3 issue.
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