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Sorry, this a long one but I want to give the full details. 2010 9-3 2.0T convertible with 7 speaker Premium 150 radio system. No Bluetooth/phone option.

During a nice sunny spring Seattle day, I decided to air out my car with all the windows down. In the 5 minutes that I was in the house, a rogue cloud with a downpour came through. Rolled the windows up and toweled off the side doors - didn't think much of it. Later that day I started the car and my passenger door speaker made three loud bass like booms and poof - the speaker is blown but the rest of the speakers/system was working fine. Later in the week I had a 3-hour drive for work and the radio was playing just fine (minus the one door speaker), but then the music started cutting in and out every 1-2 seconds or so in a repeat (staccato-like) pattern. Turned the radio off and jumped on a conference call. Stopped for coffee - started the car up all was fine again. Further in the drive, the driver's side door speaker blew and the on-off clicking of the sound started again. I checked all the fuses during that drive and none were blown (both the car and trunk fuse box)

That weekend I ordered new speakers, opened up both doors to find water stuck in the doors inside the plastic seals along with the speakers (most likely from the downpour mentioned) and the speaker housing/magnets were wet. Stupid me - should have known to check after the rain and not run the radio after the rain.

Fast forward - new speakers in the door (JBL Club component) with everything dried out and still the same issue. Start the car, the radio starts to play for a second and clicks off - repeating the above on-off music through the speakers for about 20 seconds then the sound in radio goes dead (radio still lit and functioning). One item to note - when the music stops playing in the speakers I can hear a buzz of power/static going to the passenger door speaker. This continues until I turn off the key and interior lits dim. I had a Parrot MKi9200 that was installed in the car when I got it that I never use (only wired to the center speaker - installer did a hack job cutting and splicing wires). It worked fine with music through the phone so I knew the center speaker was fine. I ripped it out as I never use it and reconnected some of the previously cut/rerouted wires of the Parrot install back to the radio wire harness hoping that the Parrot was the issue - but still the same issue as above.

Since I had everything ripped and I was optimistic that the new speakers and Parrot removal would do the trick I also installed new dash speakers (Kicker 43DSC3504 keeping the original center speakers for now).

Any thoughts on what else I can look for? Of course, I am hoping that the head unit and/or amp don't need to be replaced, or if I need to replace one it is just the head unit. Any fuses I should try again? Any fuses in the head unit that are replaceable? I love music - and not having in my car is killing me.
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