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I did a 'write up' on door panel removal somewhere; i'll have a looksee if I can find it. You need 'Torx' spanners ( wrenches ) of various sizes + normal tools and a little patience. It is not difficult. I don't know about door or mirror removal.

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This is what I previously wrote to assist someone else. Additional comments now added are in brackets thus []

I have removed my door panel so far.
Before you start yours here're a few tips. This all assumes that yours is
the same as my '92 model which the haynes suggests is the case.
1) You will need some Torx sockets, drivers, or keys. The main one is I
think a size T20 but not positive on that. ( I have Torx keys similar to
Allen keys and sizes are not marked ) The small one retaining the white /
red light at the rear of the door is a t10 or T15 I think.
2) You need to prise off the round covers over the two screws at front and
rear of the door pocket and remove screws. You need to prise out the plugs
in the door handle to access the two screws and remove them. The door handle
may come off or not, depending whether yours is 'early' or 'late' type.
3) Remove the screw behind the light lens once removed.
4) You need to prise out the small panel which houses the electric mirror
switches. I had great difficulty with this. I prised at the rear end as
Haynes shows, and this part is very flexible, but could not prise the panel
out.The front part was very tightly secured.
If you prise the back out enough to get a large screwdriver in there, push
it forward as far as it will go, just about up to where the small
'changeover' switch is, then while pushing forward firmly, twist the
screwdriver gently. This may work.
I pulled the rear flexible end out as far as I could without breaking it
off, and then managed to undo the screw behind it which secures the door
handle cover. I then pulled this cover out enough to get my fingers behind
it and firmly push the switch panel out. Very difficult to get the screw out
without breaking switch panel but I managed it.
[I have since had more success on another car and decided that mine had previously been 'thargled' by 'a bodger' ( probably when I had the door repaired by 'professionals') if you slide a screwdriver in as previously explained and push firmly but not too hard it should release the retainer. ]
3) There is then one more screw to remove, visible after removing the handle
5) Prise out the boot release switch.
4) Carefully prise the bottom of the door panel away at the bottom ( held by
two plastic studs ) and then it can be lifted up, to clear the lock button,
and off.
*Note* You should disconnect the battery negative lead before you start, but
I didn't.
Have fun.

[I hope that's of some help. I assume that once the panel is off the removal of the mirror may be self evident.]
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