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'E' stands for 'Executive' and as stated relates to enhanced equipment level.

The only difference I am aware of between CS and CD (and I have had them both) is the difference in the design of the rear end of the car, in terms of hatchback and saloon.
Off course, the hatchback (CS) rear seats also drop down whereas the saloon has a ski hatch where the armrest drops down.

With the CS parcel shelf in situ you can actually pack more into the boot of the CD (I think the saloon boot actually extends further than the CS as with most cars, e.g. VW Golf and Jetta), than the CS.

The CS comes into it's own when you need to carry a BIG load (2 seat sofa, etc!). But for general use I prefered the CD as loading the boot doesn't mean water drips into the speakers on a wet day (as it does on the CS - running off the open boot hatch!) and the kids don't get windswept! Although, I do prefer the style of the CS. Other than that its largely a matter of right car at right price and personal choice.
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