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prospective '94 9000 AERO auto trans buyer

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Can anyone advise me about buying the 1994 9000 Aero model ? It is automatic transmission with 98,000 Km on it. It was used by the Saab dealership employees. Asking price is US $ 8000 with a written 2 year guarantee on the engine and transmission. I hear bad things about the Saab auto trans and engine mounts. Please help a Saab lover since 1968.
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See Buying an 88 to 91 9000 topic for details of the auto transmission from Keith Harrison.
I don't know anything about the auto 'boxes, but on my manual 2.3 (non-turbo) I recently changed the front engine mounts at 160,000 miles. To be honest, I don't think I need have bothered - there's no discernable difference between the old Saab ones and the new third party mounts.

SAAD - if you have`nt already done so, have a look at http//

- this site contains a lot of useful information including a section dedicated to buying used....

Good luck
If it is a reputable garage - I would have said that it is probably a good thing to be buying a Saab from an employee of the garage. It has probably received just a little bit extra care and attention during its life.

Well, I finally bought the '94 Aero, and not one ounce of regret. They should put a picture of a SAAB in the dictionary under the word automobile.

Congratulations, and thanks for keeping us all informed. I know you will enjoy the aero ;-)

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