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As some of you might know I also have a highly modified Evo4 pushing out over 400bhp.
My point is that in my evo, to maintain engine safety and optimum performance, I had to change my std ecu to a programmable motec ecu.
With this a specialist had my car for over a week to program the ecu for economy and optimum performance, especially torque, which was all my modification was all about.
What I'm tryiny to say is:
* can this sort of ecu be used in the Aero
* if not, why?
* if yes, has anyone used one
I'm asking because I'm thinking of modifying my Aero now, after great satifaction of driving it for a long while now as std.
I also ask, because in the evo scene, the word is that a correctly programmed ecu on its own gives a car far more, and better all-round performance than any bolt on performance kits.
Although it helps, because I have loads in the evo.

Thanks in advance to your replies, which I greatly look forward to.


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