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Power steering plug faulty

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I have a Saab automatic have been told the plug that goes to the fluid reservoir is faulty and is the cause of the power steering going stiff can this be changed and is it an easy job
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What year and model is your car, and who told you this?
Story for delay in writing it is a 9.3 440 2006 reg LD56LFE the power steering as gone stiff 3 times now last mechanic said it was a caro plug that goes to the side of the fluid reservoir is the pump attached to this I have replaced fluid with fresh fluid bu t not sure if can just be replaced as a unit any help appreciated working ok but have been told it will go again and my daughter won’t be able to steer it thank you for reply
I would try a replacement used pump off ebay.
Thank you for reply you don’t think it is the carroded electrics that goes to the pump then it’s working ok at present
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