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As mentioned on another post (oddly, JohnCC's one about 'buying advice' - seem to have taken that one a bit off topic, sorry ), my '94 9000 Aero seems to briefly cut out when the cooling fan kicks in and also when the main headlights are turned on.
MarkE suggested that it may be due to corrosion in the short wire leading to the 'distribution box' from the battery. Is this the box which my Haynes manual calls the 'Auxilliary Fuse and Relay Box' (directly in front of the battery with a removable plastic cover) ?
If it is, the wire between the battery and the connector below the box (all of about six inches long) appears to be well connected but shows an impedance of around 80 ohms, which seems quite high to me. Can anyone tell me if this is a normal impedance for this wire and if it is abnormal (?caused by internal corrosion, as MarkE suggested) would this explain the symptoms ?
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