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I believe I have traced the leak in the boot of the Carlsson to the holes in the bodyshell gutters where the cables pass from the shell to the tailgate.

The cables are contained within plastic concertina type hoses with a collar at each end secured with metal clips. Due to age the 'hoses' have lost their flexibility and now do not bend enough when the tailgate closes, causing the collars to twist and not seat correctly, thus letting water channelled down the gutter to find a quick way out - via the cover to the 'D-pillar' and into the boot!

My EPC has decided not to work - does anyone have the Part No. for these hoses for a 1990 9000 hatch - model unimportant. Where do I disconnect the cables to allow me to feed them thro' new 'hoses'?

Thanks All - Merry Christmas!!

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