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Ok Have PM'd some admins but as yet nothing has happened.

I originally signed up to SAABscene (username Trenchfoot) from my Madasafish email account - try as I might, although I can seemingly log in on it I have no permissions and cannot access anything or edit my details. I cannot even contact anyone from that account to try and get it fixed! There is an email address which I have replied to but every time I try emailing, I get a 'Mail Delivery Failure' message.

In order to contact someone about this, I have created a Hotmail email account, and made successfully, this account in SAABscene (Trenchfoot2).

However running from a Hotmail account is not ideal and certainly not convenient for me and I really need to get my original (Trenchfoot) account working, as that is linked to my daily email address which I use for everything else in the world!

Please, could someone activate fully my other account so I can use it.

When it is successfully and fully working, this Trenchfoot2 account can be deleted. I have only created this in order to contact the admin staff and raise an awareness of the problem.

Many thanks in advance,

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