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Please help, Sat Nav dose'nt register a disc in the disc drive!!

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I an 04 (54) Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0T, it has a sat nav installed although I don't know if it was fitted from birth? all the options work, Radio,CD, and you can select Aux from one of the media menus, if I select sat nav it gives you a page telling you its your responsibility and all that and asks you to click "OK" then it says no disc inserted or disc unreadable !!. oh and I cant match my phone with the phone mechanism on the steering wheel. any help with any of this would make me very happy.

Thank you
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what do you mean match your phone..check the reader in the boot for the disc..
The SATNAV DVD player is located in the boot behind the passenger side panel, so you need to check if you have in fact got a DVD inserted. With regards to pairing your phone, you can't. The phone option was actually an option which requires a different GPS box with integrated SIM card reader for the phone.Again this is in the boot, but on the roof of the boot, if that makes sense. If you see a box with a slot for a FULL size card you can add a SIM card if you wish.
Thanks for that, there was a DVD inserted but it was a 2006 copy burnt onto a DVD+, so I've bought a newer original disc "2010" but still doesn't recognize it, I will try to clean the lens tonight see if that works.
Ah, no slot in the SIM box,
MY07 onwards 9-3 sat nav uses a different software ,won't work in MY03-06 unit the disc you need is MY03-06..
Thank you, That makes sense, New disc it is then.
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