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pinking in low revs - new Saab 95 owner & Luv it!

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Hi to you all, I'm new to Saabs, had two 2.0L Mondeos estates before, and then brought my 1999 2.3L 9-5 SE estate. Love it!!! Won't be going back to them again. Anyway, not being very mechanically astute, the engine has developed a pinking sound when reving from low revs. Not due a service for 5K, running on fully synthetic oil with slick 50 additive, done 93K. Is it the plugs?

Help please
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What RON of unleaded are you running on? Is it a FPT turbo (with the boost gauge)?.

Even on low grade petrol, I'd be quite surprised if a) the engine was pinking and b) if it were, doing so without causing the Check Engine light to illuminate.

When you say reving, do you mean accelerating or reving the engine whilst stationary?

Do you have much history on the car, particularly oil change intervals and the grade of oil that was used. I'm rather worried that you car falls in to the age/vintage that is known to suffer from oil starvation. I do hope not, but it would be worth you reading the sticked thread at the top of the section on claiming under the 8 year warranty.

Synthetic oil is good, but you shouldn't bother with any additives.
The electronics in the car should prevent the car pinking and, as Bubbles said, a mixture that far out should lead to a CEL. Try this thread RESONANCE

This Resonance (perhaps not the best description) sounds very much like pinking at times and occurs when you might expect pinking, i.e. low revs and accelerating under load. The Resonance/Rattling stops if you lift your foot off the throttle even just a fraction or when you get beyond 2k revs.
Thanks for all your advice.
The car has full service history, i think the last oil change was 0w50 fully synthetic 7k miles ago. LPT fitted, using Morrisons unleaded, i think 95ron. have used Tesco's 97ron before and it did seem to run better. The pinking occurs under load accelerating at low speed and disappears at 2.5/3k revs. Revs right through no problem. Engine check light doesn't come on. but it over heated last week whist waiting in a queue, water everywhere, no split pipes just came out of the pressure cap. re-topped it back up, and the temp gauge is reading normal now, was reading low. Changed the thermostat and temp sensor since. Oh and i need to re-gas the climate control as well!! Kwik fit do it for £44-95.
I've also had the lamp check relay break as well, Ebay from America, £11-00 inc postage, Bargain!!
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It is possibly the dump valve growling, as per linked thread, search for numerous others

Thin black pipes at the back of the engine, lift off the flat black plastic cover around the dip stick, one of these pipe goes to the intake is it still on there, these pipes eventually lead to the front of the car to the dump/bypass valve.
Had the re-gas at Kwik-Fit, only had 95grms left in the system, re-charged and it's oh soooooo cold now, better half now well pleased. Took two hours as they had not done a Saab before, and no idea where the in/out pipes were. pinking seems to have got less thanks to all your advice, checked all my pipes.
Thanks again.
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