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Passenger offside door will not open - 2008

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Just tried to open the drivers passenger door only to find that it would not open from the inside or outside! Have googled it and not really got an answer. Only thing I found was that the module may have been dirty which I have checked and found to be fine.

Model is 2008 ttid aero saloon

(With the bootlid not opening and now the drivers rear door it won't be long before I can't get into the car at all!)
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Rear electric window works and no amount of pushing or pulling will open the door....Checked all fuses in boot which appear to be fine
Tried it after going to the shops and it all works fine now!!!??? :confused:
This has given up the ghost entirely now and I cannot open the door from the inside or outside. I have managed to get the door card off but am now stuck as to what further action to take. Please help!!!
Got no help from you guys so just took it to a garage. £40 well spent :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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