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Parrot Bluetooth Phone via Tel1 connector

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I was going to investigate the possibility of retrofitting an OEM UHP bluetooth but as the wiring looked tio be far to much trouble I dug out my old Parrot CK3200LS Colour that I removed from my Vectra when I fitted OEM Telephone.

However, having bought the JustCarkits Saab13tel lead and found the Tel1 connector in the left hand console I thought it would be plain sailing but alas no, the Parrot powers up and functions as expected, but does not mute the radio nor can I hear anything from the speaker. I contated JustCarkits and they asked a few pertinent questions regarding the wiring etc but still no real solution.

So I bench tested the lead with a spare speaker connected to the speaker outs from the lead and it works no issues at all. I am now thinking that the Tel1 connector may be an issue, although, it connects power and the Saab microphone and I get the Goodbye message on the parrot when ignition is turned off.

Tel1 Connector pinouts from WIS is below:-

All seems OK but I cannot get the Tel1 connector appart to check that the pins are correctly seated and the pins are very fine and I dont have anything at the moment that will fit the connector so I can buzz out to the radio connnectors.

I know that the mute signal should go to pin 4 on the K16 connector on the radio and that the speaker used is the Left hand door speaker pins 2 & 9 on the K14 connnector.

Anyone else had problems with the Saab13tel cables or the Tel1 connector. My radio is a retrofitted SatNav unit (OEM) and works fine.
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An old topic but if you're going to attach a bluetooth HF to SAAB NG9-3 Delphi Grundig satnav, you have to connect:

Microphone to K14 connector, pins 4 & 5.
HF voice to K16 connector, pins 7 & 15.
Mute to BCM 707 pin A36.
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