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Parrot Bluetooth Phone via Tel1 connector

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I was going to investigate the possibility of retrofitting an OEM UHP bluetooth but as the wiring looked tio be far to much trouble I dug out my old Parrot CK3200LS Colour that I removed from my Vectra when I fitted OEM Telephone.

However, having bought the JustCarkits Saab13tel lead and found the Tel1 connector in the left hand console I thought it would be plain sailing but alas no, the Parrot powers up and functions as expected, but does not mute the radio nor can I hear anything from the speaker. I contated JustCarkits and they asked a few pertinent questions regarding the wiring etc but still no real solution.

So I bench tested the lead with a spare speaker connected to the speaker outs from the lead and it works no issues at all. I am now thinking that the Tel1 connector may be an issue, although, it connects power and the Saab microphone and I get the Goodbye message on the parrot when ignition is turned off.

Tel1 Connector pinouts from WIS is below:-

All seems OK but I cannot get the Tel1 connector appart to check that the pins are correctly seated and the pins are very fine and I dont have anything at the moment that will fit the connector so I can buzz out to the radio connnectors.

I know that the mute signal should go to pin 4 on the K16 connector on the radio and that the speaker used is the Left hand door speaker pins 2 & 9 on the K14 connnector.

Anyone else had problems with the Saab13tel cables or the Tel1 connector. My radio is a retrofitted SatNav unit (OEM) and works fine.
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Hello any-mgzt in my own experience, I used the tel-1 wiring harness on my 2008 9-3 with standard infotainment 150 system , for a parrot ck3100
No problem at all just plug and play.
From just car kits
Try it in your sons 9-3 then you should know if it's wiring with in the car or the harness
when you had the original head unit in was there the option on the SID for Bluetooth phone connectivity?
Just my theory this is , but when you put the sat nav radio in , you added it. Via tech 2 ?
Maybe by doing that it removed the mute function .
But as I say that's only my thinking .
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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