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okay finally got my own opcom

can i buggery get it to work program is installed fine

drivers (some done fine )

doesnt talk with the ecm i get a " no communication with ECM"

it shows in device manager as opcom v2 working correctly but its showing "unknow device" in another folder

on opcom itsself you test the interface and it says everything is good

im about to throw it away please help lol

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The only way I could get it to work was with a custom install file I found on one of the GM forums.

The best place for info is Digital Kaos -was going to try some of the later stuff but I doubt there will be much point
as our cars for the most part are before 2010 in any case...

You should find the install you need via the link below.

You need to kill your initial install in full before running
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