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may congratulate me.... back from the holyday , and the same time out of the garage after major repair !

Have changed: <ul type="square">
[*]brake pads (all)
[*]brake discs (front)
[*]shocks (all) - with original ones
[*]front shock support bearings
[*]control arm rear bushes (both)
[*]eingine front lower bush
[*]ball joint (driver side)
[*]rear susp. front bushes (both)
[*]front anti-roll bar inner bushes
[*]rear anti-roll bar outer bushes
[*]exhaust pipe (resonator part)
[*]retuned front wheel convergence
[*]retuned headlamp beems
[*]headlamp washing pipes (rebuilt from scratch, all the way to bottle)
[*]new cover for that huge hole for accessing lower belt pulley
[*]dash retigtened
[*]gear-shifter illuminaion (new lamp)
[*]that nice logo on bonnet (pure new)
Heh, the gearbox still waits for attention...
Have spent a loooot
of money (~700£ - actually not so much if to keep all of that in mind). I guess, that's not tooooo much for everyone of you, because of your normal incomes. But for me the it equals almost to the leg, both hands and a head, if to keep our "east european incomes" in mind...

Have fun...
P.S. Photos will be soon, just allow me to scan some negatives in...

Dzintars 9000CS23T

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I agree with Neil, well done in getting all work done to get car back on road.
You sound like car is important to you, and you treat it with a lot of respect.
I wish your list of work would only cost around 700 pounds in this country

We look forward to seeing some pics.


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Heh, actually the busy-one was service man at SAAB-garage, not me...
What regards, being of the road, then - not at all... I was driving all the time until I managed to go into garage. The problem was it felt no more I'm driving SAAB
Now it's OK - the job done looks very nice, and drives well.

Dzintars 9000CS23T
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