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oil pressure and temperature gauges

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I'd like to fit oil pressure and temperature gauges to my aero. My old Carlsson had electronic senders, the temperature replaced the sump drain plug and the pressure sender replaced the oil pressure warning switch in the back of the block.
Can anyone tell me the thread sizes for these, or tell me which gauges and senders they have actually fitted?
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You should have taken them out of the Carlsson. Saab gauges very difficult to find (I've got a spare set ) but any satandard 52mm gauge will do, VDO did the ones for Saab. The senders are expensive and still avialable from Saab (well they were 3 years ago when I got my senders) at the time VW senders were available (made by VDO) and a direct fit. Is the pressure switch M10*1.5 (I'm guessing), temp sender no idea.
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