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Hi folks, gotta problem hopefully someone will have been there

My trusty old Saab 1988 9000 2L 16v had a bit of an issue with the near side outter Cv joint, they had a disagreement and decided to part company !!!!

Tracked down a part from GSFcarparts
and after some argee bargee got the ****** fitted

Its the an abs model and the joint i was supplied with (and reliably informed by said company it wouldn't be an issue) had different size spacing and different amount of teeth on the ABS cog,

I now have a this strange tapping sound that keeps its rhythm steadily no matter what speed the car is moving at combined with resistance from the brake pedal,
Definatly some kind of ABS issue going on here
all i can say is, i won't be testing the effect of heavy braking again as the car pulled off side rather sharpish!!!

I'm not convinced the CV joint is correct and wonder if the spacing of the teeth from either side of the car is "confusing" the central mechanism or is the ABS unit failing ?

Any suggestions folks ?
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