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I have a non working mirror steering in my car (93 I 1999my) and I asked my cousin to get a new one from a wrecked car.
It turned out that the new one, probably a 2001-2002' car, it's a bit modified and it has a different plug and also eight not seven pins. I presume that the eight one is due to an additional switch below the steering joyistic (what is it used for?).
Its interior is totally different probably due to faulty built quaility of the elder one, and it looks like an upgrade.

Now question - any of You has an idea how to connect the new one to the old plug (which cable to what pin) ?

1st picture - new one on the left (round small switch, for what?)
2nd picture - old plug and new pin connection - how to connect one to another?


My second problem - I want to change leather on the gearbox lever and I have difficulties with unmounting the white plastic under the top cap with gear number. Should I simply use force and pull it? or unscrew it?

Any suggestions?



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The little button is for the 'parking' function on electric memory mirrors. If you press the button after selecting reverse the N/S mirror dips to point to the kerb adjacent to the rear wheel so you can better judge how close you are. When you change gear again the mirror reverts to where it was. That's the position associated with whatever memory button has been selected on the seat.

You will have to identify which wire comes from this button then do a load of resoldering on the plug that comes with the switch. I've found that these switches do respond to stripping down, cleaning the contact patches on the circuit board and re-assembling. Might work out easier in the long run.

No idea about the gear shroud.

Paul @ Kippen
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