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Some people do horrible things when they customise their interiors. No Andy, I’m not looking at you. I’m generalising here, but the biggest offenders tend to be young, male, and owners of Japanese Gone-in-60-second types.

Example 1 - a Honda CRX

Though we European-favouring-types shouldn’t be smug. Example 2 - an Alfa 33:

Whilst doing my occasional surf around the used car sites here in Australia, I came across this Saab 900 Convertible for sale. Like the cars above, it has a customised interior, though this is one that I really like:

It reminds me of the parchment interior you get in modern Saabs, and there’s just something about the red & cream combination that’s quite classical, especially on a convertible. Though the photos are lo-res, this one looks like a job that’s at least pretty well done. You’d need to get up close and personal to make a proper judgement, but it looks good from here.

I’m almost talking myself into this car, though I think the red might be a bit loud for a quiet guy like me, and the mileage might be a bit high. The fact that it’s an auto is neither here nor there.

I’m in the mood for a vert and this one looks quite tasty.

Back to the general question - non-standard interiors. Do you like them? Do you do them?

I can certainly understand the need for some customisation as it lends a touch of personality and in some cases, modern interiors can be a little stark.

Bu I also know there’s plenty of people out there who insist on keeping things bog standard. Given the number of interior mods that can go wrong, this is usually a good philosophy.

So, standard or modified? Have your say.


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