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It's been a while since i could hear my '87 9000 T grinding sometimes. I could only hear it idling or at <10 kmh.
Now finally I located that noise: it's the fuel pump. When the engine is on, it buzzes as it has to, but sometimes, at irregular intervals, like 5-10 secs, it grinds a bit louder for a second ot two. Lately it's been worse: I could feel the vibration of the grinding through my right foot, at a red traffic light, brake pressed. Seemed the ABS pump vibration, but it was intermittent and syncronized with the noise. The pump buzzes only when the engine is on, if the key is on and the ongine off, the pump doesn't buzz.

The question is: is my pump going to leave me stranded, or is it just getting old?

If that can help, I run on LPG, so the tank is always almost empty, around the reserve light, more or less, and the fuel pumped by the pump returns all to the tank, because the engine burns LPG.


'87 9000 T
176000 kms, or 110k miles, 30k of them on LPG
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