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Just a quick thanks to the Saabscene site. I have just been away for a break and as always the 9000 decided to act daft (I usually post a request around this time of year with the latest problem)! It's not that the Saab is neglected or not used the rest of the year - just that it never carries the in-laws until holiday time (they think that the car is too big, too expensive blah blah blah).
Having struggled with only base turbo boost for the entire holiday (frustrating to say the least) I have finally returned home and can investigate. Having had my father-in-law suck his teeth all week with comments about the price of new turbos and the time I will have to 'waste' fitting it, I was very pleased to find the solution on the site:
and it was just the missing clip. I've refitted the actuator (without the clip) and had a quick blast down the local dual carriageway (wow these cars are quick!!!), all's well - huuray!
To save me climbing underneath in the heat of the day - does can anybody tell me the size of the pin or the clip size I will need?

Sorry fro the long post - I'm just soooooo happy
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