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Has anyone have ever experienced "No OverBoost Fuel-Cut" when disconnected the "W" port of APC solenoid? In order to find the culprit I have replaced the APC solenoid with a new one, upgraded the WG actuator with a 0.51bar (7.5psi) version but couldn't result the problem. Any idea?

Previously my APC was stuck, never let the pressure accumulate to wastegate actuator so, I was driving just like "W" hose of APC disconnected but, have never experienced overboost cut-off. (during this
time the headgasket gone, newly replaced )

For your reference; 97' 9000 2.3 Auto Maptun stg3 ECU boost readings; base 0.5bar, peak 1.2bar and steady 0.9bar.

Could it be just because of a minor leak on hoses/intercooler/etc.. or turbo? No any failure symptoms from turbo.....

Thanks for kind support.
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