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Found this very useful and if anyone else comes back to this thread with the same problem I'll tell you what my problem was, slightly different from the OP and the rest.

I had power loss to the rear driver side door and it wouldn't open. I managed to get the door panel off with the door closed, all the wiring however was fine and clipped in correctly. This lead me to pull out the door control module (the one the wiring plugs into with the window open switch on it) and have a look. Somehow moisture had got in there and there was green oxidised residue on the circuit board. I sprayed it with contact cleaner and cleaned it off with a nail brush. Put it back in and voila, working door.

Hope that helps someone, if your wiring is all good and your unit doesn't need cleaning then a replacement module will sort the problem.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts