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Welcome to the fold.
If you haven't already discovered it 9-5's are very accomplished motors.

Regarding the auto box change check the last time the fluid was replaced and look around the forum for techniques if you need to do it (relatively easy DIY - front end off the ground).
Mine (MY2000) suffered similar notchiness which has all but disappeared since undertaking a progressive fluid change.
Resetting the box's electronics (moving the gear lever slowly through the box - again details on here) once the fluid has been changed helped.
There aren't any filters to clean but using genuine SAAB fluid gives peace of mind.
If you intend towing with it (on occasion I tow a medium sized caravan and a car trailer) then a supplementary transmission oil-cooler is a good idea. Mine came as a DIY kit (relatively easy DIY) from Kenlowe in Berks.
When towing shift the box manually, don't use cruise and tow in Sport mode.

Three other things to bear in mind - 1) use only fully synth engine oil (expensive but essential ) and drop the sump, clean the pick-up filter (needs a fair amount of skill to DIY - front end off the ground) if this hasn't been done recently. Mine was dropped at 60 & 120k - not needed at 60k but definitely at 120.
2) change the pollen filter on schedule (relatively easy DIY - involves glove box removal). Blocked/dirty filter can cause water build up in the heating trunking and can blow the ECU under the front passenger seat at huge cost.
3) Try to find out if the latest PCV kit (relatively easy DIY - front end of the ground) has been fitted. Again lots on here about that but important to prevent oil consumption increasing/oil vapour smell into cabin as the car gets older.

Finally enjoy your SAAB ownership.
Cheers, Pewe.
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