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Recently got a very cheap low milage 1998 convertible
Initial leak roof (solved with a good clean and several coats of fabric protector
Most thing seems to work except usual bits on an old car - boot light glove box light - however three problems I can't sort out - but none threatening to stop me enjoying the vehicle.
It's pretty basic model and no aircon but the front windscreen demister is a bit pathetic - other settings seem ok.
Could it's lack of demist ability be related to non working temperature gauge?
I'm not keen on taking out binnacle etc to get to demister pipes so is there a quick fix?
Also does it really matter if temp gauge is out (not getting a message about it when i start up)
I'm a very mature driver and part of the attraction of the 900 was it had original radio and cassette (which work perfectly) and I still tape a lot of stuff and using old fashioned tape to mini jack can put in iPod/phone etc
I've got a second hand Saab multichanger and out in the boot is a double ISO plug which doesn't fit
On the back of the unit are two ISOs which may or may not be attached to the ISO in boot and on it side is a round plug with CD above it Any ideas on this
Looking forward to being a Saab owner (Have an equally old Pug 306 soft top and a very old Honda CRX del sol

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